Little Red Riding Hood

We had a surprise when we came back to school yesterday!Β  We noticed that Little Red Riding Hood had appeared!

In our English lessons, we will be reading several different versions of the story of Little Red – a traditional tale, a modern story and the tale from the Wolf’s point of view – and making comparisons between the books.



4 thoughts on “Little Red Riding Hood”

  1. What a lovely surprise Year 3! I can’t wait to hear about the Wolf’s point of view. 🍎🌲🐾🐺🌳

  2. I really liked doing Hansel and Gretel and LRRH also the Wolf`s story. Wich one do you think is the best I like the Wolf`s story?.

  3. To answer Isabell’s question I’m not sure which one I prefer and I love fairy tails ( a bit ) …. mmm what do you prefer Hazel and Gretel or LRRH miss maeer tough decision for me xx


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