Year 3 memories

Written by Finley and Miss Maeer.  

Year 3 

2017 – 2018

Sadly, we have come to the end of our time in Year 3 but we are going to leave for the summer with a happy heart, looking forward to starting a new school year with Miss Guy in September!

Here are some of our favourite memories…

Here are our some of our thoughts…

Cole R

In year 3 it has been the best because of the watermelon party it was so cool I loved it. I will be so sad I will be to go to year 4. I am sad I loved trips year 3 had done it was the best year 3 class and school ever! Miss is the best we had.  I hope I get a nice teacher in year 6. Year 3 best time ever great school ever.     


When we finally got our target of 21,850 and our watermelon party for it, I was amazed at what Miss Maeer had given us. I loved the Christmas party.

Franki-Jo and Liliah

My best memory is when we made Dragon eyes because I love being mucky like a little kid. I have had the best time ever because we all have had our amazing memories like: water melon party, going to Selly Manor. At Selly Manor we saw some old houses. IT WAS A FUN EXPERIENCE!


I remember that time when I came to year 3 and now were to the end of year 3 and I am going to tell you the time when we had a Watermelon party. We had a target to get and we got it and now we have passed it.


My favorite part was swimming because it’s a life skill. In the first week I wasn’t so confident but now I am alot more confident. I swam 100 meters on my front

Thank you so much Miss Maeer and Mrs Baker. We are so greatful for what you have done for us thank you.


My most memorable moment was Wenlock edge and the watermelon party also other trips and parties. I remember swimming because it was extremely fun and a good and joyful.


I remember in science that we were learning about rocks they were sedimentary igneous and metamorphic then we were learning about plants and a word called photosynthesis and trees give us oxygen.


My most memorable moment is going on trips. Another memory is the WATERMELOWN PARTY!!! Another memory is swimming because it is always fun, especially last Wednesday.


I liked the watermelon party. It was great! I liked the part where you got to floss.   


The Watermelon party was my favourite memory of year 3.  Another one is when we made a car. Another year three memory is when we made pizza. Also when we stared brain gym and relaxed and stayed calm.


At the watermelon party we did the floss we had  some pictures  together. We had lots of fun together with games we thought this was  the best party EVER.


I enjoyed swimming the most because I learned how to swim I also enjoyed the WATERMELON party because it was fun to whacking the piñata.


13 thoughts on “Year 3 memories”

  1. thank you for the party that will remind me of all the good times we had you are the best teacher best memories that we keep in our minds :)))

  2. Miss Maeer and Mrs Baker I will never forget you . I have lodes of memories like : water melon party, green way walk, pizzas and a lot more I will never forget them memories ! ITS BEEN THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE !!!!!xxx THANK YOU MISS MAEER AND MRS BAKER FOR ALL THE GOOD MEMORIES !!!XXX

  3. I will remember year three memorise till I am 90! miss maeer you have been lovley and I was so pleased I had you thiss year.

  4. Miss Maeer why do we have to leave you I have so upset that we have to leave you but I am glad we are getting Miss Guy but thank you for taking care of us and giving us the best time ever and you Mrs Baker I am speechless and I admit it I will miss you Miss Maeer and I might hug you sometimes but yes and I wont forget what you have done for us in year 3 I hope you enjoy your holiday bye

  5. Also Miss Maeer can you listen to this song it is a thousand years please also can you put it on the blog please thank you


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