Road Safety

Over the last few weeks in our PSHE lessons, we have been learning about Road Safety.   We have been using the A*Stars website to learn about the different aspects of Road Safety. Before we went on our walk in the local area, we watched some videos, looked at pictures and had some discussions about the … Read more Road Safety

  When we arrived in class this morning, we noticed a delicious looking gingerbread house with the evil witch sitting on top of it.  She had captured poor Hansel and Gretel!  Our job is to come up with a plan to try and rescue the children and send them back to their parents!  

Y3 Musicians

Today, we have been practising our special Easter performance of Hot Cross Buns. We started off just playing the recorders but we developed our masterpiece by adding glockenspiels, singing and the keyboard. We look forward to performing our music at The Easter Assembly… but we may have made it even better by then!!